Trans People and binarism

I’m really sick of trans people being binarist. Since the second I stepped into the trans community I’ve had binary-privileged people telling me what I was and wasn’t allowed to identify as, that my gender is wrong and doesn’t exist and that I can’t have it and be human at the same time. I’ve been patronisingly told that I’m lucky because I “can be comfortable in any gender role” (I can’t) and other ridiculous, baseless claims.

And what’s REALLY busted about this is that so many justify their actions  because being associated with non-binaries makes them “look bad”, so it’s okay for them to mistreat us. Oh, I’m terribly sorry, was my desire to be treated as a human getting int he way of your desire to be treated as a human? Ha, silly me! Why, it’s completely understandable that you’d smash me under your heal just to avoid being smashed under the heels of other people as badly as they’re already smashing you and then turn around and whine about how the LGB treats you like a red-headed stepchild while expecting your support.

Seriously? It just needs to stop.

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3 responses to “Trans People and binarism

  1. It’s absolutely horrendous that they feel it’s okay to treat other groups like they protest about being treated. It happens along so many axis of oppression, and it’s utterly ridiculous – if you stand against one oppression, you just can’t perpetuate another.

    • I don’t think there’s a single axis of oppression where it doesn’t happen. It really is awful, and the “We have to treat you like dirt to be more socially acceptable!” makes my blood boil. The mod on the trans forum who was allowed to bully non-binaries justified it because if we’re allowed to identify how we want, it’ll RUIN trans acceptance. Don’t we want to be taken seriously?! Vile.

  2. I totally have to agree with this. It’s no less despicable to throw nonbinary individuals under the figurative bus as it is to throw any other group under that bus, trans included. If anything, it destroys goodwill/cooperation between possible allies.

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