This started during an incredibly stressful time, my very first firsthand, in person experience of bigotry and supremacy to such a degree. One for the baby book that I don’t know if my parents kept. I was in a really bad state, I think I was in a perpetual anxiety attack for two weeks, and no one could do anything to help me. I think I told about 5 staff members who said “That sucks, but I have no idea what to say”. I needed to get it out, so I started this blog.

I ended up prompted to write my Trans 101 for Trans People after conversations with the Untoward Lady and Asher about how trans 101 always panders to cis people to the detriment of trans people, and I’ve gotten a lot of people thanking me for it and it’s been spread on tumblr and read at a friend’s university event.

I have since realized that this blog has run its course. I may re-start blogging about these issues at a future time, but my life has changed so much that it feels wrong to continue with this blog. I’ve made most of the posts private, only leaving up the ones I feel are most important.

Thank you very much to those who have followed my blog and supported me through these times.

My pronouns are ‘singular they’.

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