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To Parents Revisited

“How do you feel when your daddies call you a boy?”


The world froze for a moment, I stared at my 3 year old. Our 3 year old had been saying they were not a boy and not a girl for a few months now, but I had thought/hoped maybe it was a game, it didn’t really matter, we still had time before gender became A Thing. “Sad.” I was struck by my own hubris, hoping that if we’d raised a child without limits the words wouldn’t matter for at least a few more years. I wondered what the hell genderĀ is that a 3 year old can have dysphoria despite full freedom to wear and act and play. I thank my lucky stars that we still haven’t seen physical dysphoria. So many voices ran through my head, speaking out in pain and fear. Statistics on depression and joblessness and suicide. Parents who got CPS called on them for allowingĀ a transgender child to be themself.

The world started again.

I apologized. I promised we’d stop. My kid went back to playing.

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Protected: “Wrong Body”

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Privilege 101 ish

(I’m not entirely sure I’m qualified to talk about this, but I’ll give it a go.)

Privilege doesn’t often come up around people who have it, and when it does it’s generally knocked down with privilege denying and people not bothering to find out what the terms mean before getting offended by it. If you start looking into people who talk about privilege, then you’ll probably see words like “supremacist” and “oppressed” that push quite a few buttons and make people want to deny. But most of the words aren’t quite as harsh as the kyriarchy wants you to believe. So, what is privilege?

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